Extending the functionality of IR spectroscopy

Specshell ApS is an engineering company specialised in development, design, manufacturing and operation of advanced analytical systems based on Infrared Spectroscopy. The company was established as a spin out company in 2014 based on years of research and development, resulting respectively in a Master Thesis and a PhD dissertation for the founders of the company. During the earlier research stages the activities have been funded by sources from DTU, Copenhagen Spin Out, The Danish Foundation for entrepreneurship and the GAP Foundation (Region Sjællands Vækstforum).

The initial basis for Specshell was the development of specialised test cells to be used for in-line IR spectroscopy. The focus of Specshell has since been extended to the development of a complete in-line IR Spectroscopic system, the Specshell Inline Brew Analyser -SIBA- (Patent pending), which is expected to provide radical new opportunities for process control and analytical work in the brewing industry.

A pilot installation of Specshells SIBA system, has been developed and is undergoing extensive testing.